Now You Can Add Professionally Produced Music To Your Videos Without Having To Pay Through The Nose

In the Quickstart Video course, you'll see me add music to make a video feel more professionally produced

But, what do you do if you haven't got access to music you can use?


You see, most music tracks have copyright and you have to pay the copyright holders thousands of pounds to licence it for your videos.

And don't think you can just use a track and claim ignorance if anyone catches you

All of the big tech firms are now clamping down on copyright violations and muting videos that contain material someone else owns... Even if you have a 'fair use' right to use it. And, they do it instantly and forever. How would that make your business look if suddenly no one could hear your videos?

One solution is to go and buy individual royalty-free audio tracks, but that will cost you as well...

Those kinds of tracks usually cost $30+ for every single piece of music you want to use. What's more, most people don't realise that you often only buy the license to use that track on ONE VIDEO!


Do you really want to pay $30 for every single video you produce?

So, businesses who produce videos regularly, create and purchase libraries of royalty free music they can use in their productions, their client's productions or to sell on

I've done that in the past and, as customers of mine, I want to give you access to my personal library

Yes, this is the exact library of over 3,000 royalty-free audio tracks that I use in my business to create videos for all sorts of people. There's everything in there from Acoustic to World Music. In fact, to make it easy to find the sound you're after, I've broken them down into over 35 different genres.

And I'm going to give you the rights to use these tracks not only in your own videos but in any videos you make for clients as well. 


Check out the video to hear a sample of some of the music you'll be getting.

I could easily license these tracks individually but I would rather provide them to you so you can get hold of your own library of music tracks that won't break the bank and that you can use with the Quickstart Video course to produce better videos.

But, this is also a one-time deal. You won't see me offer these again at this price.

So, just for today, as a special offer for Quickstart Video students, I am going to let you have all of these tracks for a special one-time price

As a Quickstart Video student, if you act RIGHT NOW, you get instant access

3,000 royalty free audio tracks

35 different genres

Licence to use these for both personal & commercial products

for a discounted ONE-TIME PRICE of just



No thank you, I can go without having a cheap source of royalty-free stock audio tracks and will take my chances with paid clips from other sources...