Now You Can Add Beautiful, HD Videos To Your Productions Without The Worry Of Copyright Issues, The Price Of Stock Video Sites Or The Hassle Of Online-Only Free Videos

Your Videos Need To Look AMAZING If You Want To Beat Your Competitors...

But making great video can be expensive. You need to buy cameras, lenses, mounting equipment, drones... the list goes on and on. 

And if you can afford the $1000's in equipment, can you also afford the time to travel around the world and capture this video? Do you even have the skills to do it properly?


That's why, even professionals use stock video to "fill in the gaps."

Using The Wrong Video Can Cause Issues & Headaches You Don't Want To Have To Deal With

Like with audio, big tech firms are now clamping down on copyright violations, even if you have a 'fair use' right to use it. YouTube & Facebook have copyright strike systems that mean your videos can just be taken offline without your knowledge. And, in the worst-case scenario, people have actually lost entire accounts with thousands of subscribers, even when copyright claims have been false.

Licencing royalty-free videos is one way around this, but that will cost you an awful lot of money...

Unlike audio, you often end up using more than one video in your productions. With prices starting at $9, that doesn't sound too bad but say you need 30 clips in one video, that would cost $180. This is actually something I've had to deal with in my own business. 


But, what people don't know is that these websites also reserve the right to terminate your license to use clips, if they don't like how you use them. Suddenly, all of your copyright concerns come flooding back...

What you really need is a collection of clips on your hard drive that you can quickly slot into your videos and play around with, without the download time or the hours searching for the right clips...

And, that's what I've got for you today. I have a personal library of royalty-free video clips that I am making available to you

Yes, this is the exact library of over 4,000 royalty-free, Full HD video clips that I have uses to create videos for clients and myself. The clips have been broken down into 45 categories, each containing a selection of videos. There's everything in there from Aerial and Animals to Traffic, Vacations, Fire and Space. Plenty to make some stunning videos with.

Not only are you getting all of these clips, I'm going to throw in the rights to use all of them not only in your own videos but in any videos you make for clients as well. 


Check out the video to see some of the clips in action.

I could easily license these tracks individually but I would rather provide them to you so you can get hold of your own library of royalty-free video clips that won't break the bank and that you can use with the Quickstart Video course to produce better videos.

But, this is also a one-time deal. You won't see me offer these again at this price.

So, just for today, as a special offer for Quickstart Video students, I am going to let you have all of these clips for a special one-time price

As a Quickstart Video student, if you act RIGHT NOW, you get instant access

4,000 royalty free video clips


45 different genres

Licence to use these for both personal & commercial products

for a discounted ONE-TIME PRICE of just



Filmmaker & Video Professional Gives You The Shortcut To Truly Professional Looking Videos

Or, you could use one of the free video sites, that lets you download what you want... And Waste Hours...

I've tried this myself. To try a clip from a site like Pixabay means you have to download it, and when it doesn't fit the way you want, go back and download another... and another... and another. 


What's more, searching for those clips in the first place is annoying and time-consuming.