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98% Of Marketers Are PAYING TOO MUCH For Traffic

And Losing A Ton Of Money In The Process

Most businesses end up completely relying on Facebook and Google for their traffic, where competition now is higher now than ever before.

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And Facebook is just not good for most businesses…

According to Jay Baer, when a business posts to Facebook it only reaches about 6% of its intended audience. 62% of small businesses polled feel that their paid Facebook Ads are not bringing in the results they need…

And yet, they keep pouring time and money into Facebook because they can’t see an alternative.

But the solution is simpler than you think…

Smart ad companies have been diversifying for some time now. Companies like Diesel, Eat24, MeUndies and Dollar Shave Club have reaped the rewards of spending their ad dollars elsewhere…

Example Advert

And, if that wasn’t enough…

Eat24 found these ads

  • Were 90% less expensive than running ads on Facebook & Google
  • Reached an almost entirely new audience of buyers
  • Gave 4x higher customer retention than Facebook
  • Resulted in a HUGE SPIKE in orders

“The more data we collected from our campaign, the more we started wondering why other companies don’t do this”

And Now You Can Unleash The Power Of This Untapped Traffic To Drive Your Online Success

From The Desk Of Steve Mellor

Steve Mellor

Hi Friend,

Let me tell you about how I discovered this incredible mine of traffic

A little while ago, I was approached by a friend who is a model. She had been running an OnlyFans account for some time and wanted to get more subscribers

But she had run into problem after problem after problem… Her Instagram & Facebook accounts had been closed, as had her Twitter account. 

She’s even been threatened by PayPal.

And, whilst she eventually got those accounts back, her posts weren’t bringing in nearly enough members to her page. 

And, she couldn’t run traditional ads because they wouldn’t get approved. 

Funnily enough, it sounded like the EXACT SAME PROBLEM internet marketers have been facing for some time…

That got me hunting for other ad platforms that would run our ads, and what I found was astonishing

Ad platforms that serve websites that have billions of views every single month are selling their traffic for a fraction of the cost of Facebook or Google. 

And, you can pretty much advertise what you want; without cloaked links, without building bridge pages (if you don’t want to) and without worrying that someone will come along and ban you.

In no time at all, my friend was able to start running ads that brought in actual subscribers. And, she didn’t have to start out with massive hundred-dollar ad spends.  

You can apply these exact same traffic sources to affiliate marketing, CPA ads, lead generation and product sales. 

And, when I found out that companies like Dollar Shave Club had already done this and were experiencing benefits like huge exposure and impressions to low CPMs and high customer acquisition… 

I was SHOCKED that more people just weren’t talking about it!

So, I had to start telling people…

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The Way I See It, You Have Two Options…

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Option 1 - Try & Figure This Out For Yourself

Let’s face it. Most of us think we’re going to do that, and yet we never actually do it.

You could spend weeks just gathering information about the different ad networks out there. 

And, when you’ve done that, you still won’t know which ones convert best for which sort of ad, what ads to run and which types of ads to avoid

And, you’re likely to fall into one of the major traps that will hold you back…

Make your ads too complicated, so nobody will know what they’re getting
Make your ads too targeted, so too few people click through
Make your ads too costly, by overbidding on placements you don’t need


Option 2 - Use My Quick & Easy Shortcut To Jumpstart Your Success


Untapped Traffic Logo

Untapped Traffic is a quick but effective training showing you how to find the cheapest ads on the net and how to exploit them. This is the perfect shortcut for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, CPA marketers and even eCommerce store owners. It will give you all of the information you need, without the guff, and let you get started with these incredible traffic sources in no time at all.

In Just 4 Simple Steps, You Too Can Get Leads & Sales To Any Offer You Want

1. Chose an ad platform
Just pick from one of the top ad networks I have personally tried & tested. I even give you the pros and cons for each one & what to watch out for.
2. Chose an offer
Selecting the right offer is key. Use the handy hints included to find the perfect offer for your ads.
3. Create Your Creative
Using my simple ‘creatives’ formula, you can create a high-converting creative for any ad in just a few minutes.
4. Start Your Campaign
These ads are super-simple to set up. No need for complicated mathematics. Just use a few simple rules of thumb to set your budget and away you go.

With over 10 BILLION visitors every month and rock-bottom costs, these ad networks represent one of the biggest opportunities for online marketers. Imagine if you could…

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Get more traffic and leads by reducing your ad spend
Increase sales without increasing costs
Expand your email list with new, eager buyers
Build incredible brand awareness & a super-loyal fanbase
Dramatically reduce the cost of doing business
Reach new & untapped audiences ready for your offers

Unlike Facebook or Google ads, which cost an absolute fortune, a few thousand clicks on your offer only cost a few dollars, so it’s REALLY CHEAP to try something out and then pivot to something new if it works better. 

PLUS, these networks have far fewer restrictions, making them perfect for Dating, Weight Loss, Supplements or CPA offers that would usually get you black-listed on other platforms.

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And, If Super Cheap Sales & Leads Aren’t Enough

You can easily get started using one of the 8 simple strategies included…


Any need for a website
Any product to sell
An eCommerce store to promote
Any content creation
(other than 1 simple creative)
Spending hours writing blogs
Making endless posts on Social Media
You can even directly link to the raw affiliate links for offers in a way that would be unimaginable on Facebook.

Stop Spending Your Hard Earned Money On Over-Expensive Traffic

Because Even Complete Newbies Can Get This Set Up & Working In No Time At All

I’ve included 8 different ways you can use this traffic to drive results. From boosting YouTube views to building email lists or driving direct sales. Just grab your affiliate links and get started today.

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Here Are Just A Few Things People Are Saying About Untapped Traffic...

Kevin Fahey

Million Dollar Warrior
With Untapped Traffic, Steve Mellor is taking us into the realm of not-so-conventional but highly effective traffic sources. You might be surprised at what he is teaching but pay attention because this stuff works and works well!

As with all his courses, Steve gives you a thorough walkthrough, filled with tips and tricks to help you get the most from the course. He has also included many samples of creatives that convert, all with analysis and guidance.

This course is like a breath of fresh air in the crowded traffic arena and is highly recommended!

Ely Shemer

Recommended Tools For Marketers
Untapped Traffic is a master class on paid traffic techniques. 

A beginner as well as a seasoned veteran will learn quite a bit from this course. I had heard of 1 of these techniques before but until I went through this training, I didn't feel confident in actually implanting these techniques. Each technique has multiple strategies explained in very short videos which keeps you engaged and entertained. 

The example videos are highly detailed and leave no stone unturned.

Jerome Johnson

You have given me traffic sources that I have never heard of. This product is what I've been looking for and I know people will love this

Stephen Brocklehurst

DFY Magic Themes
This training was an eye-opener for me and Steve’s calm and clear voice makes it a pleasure to learn from him.

Karl G Olson

IM Buyers Club
As usual Steve yet again as delivered some amazing training, this time introducing us to a new traffic source that nobody else is talking about but used correctly can be very lucrative.

I’ve personally watched the training in its entirety and it’s opened my eyes up to the potential of this traffic source so definitely take a few minutes to take a look or regret missing out later

Tony Earp

I was sceptical about another traffic training program but I'm glad I gave Untapped Traffic a chance. 

The strategies and tactics I learned have been a game changer for my business. Steve's training style makes the program easy to follow and you get a lot more our of this than you pay for it.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to drive more traffic to their website.

Lewis Turner

I promote health supplements and finding new traffic sources without the restrictions normally imposed is important, so when a new traffic training is released it is always on my radar. 

Now couple this with Steve Mellor's individual unique and informative methods of teaching and it was a no-brainer to get this training. Steve has tested and used these sources for his clients for some time. Great clear information and an informative walkthrough contained in this great training. 

The 3x3 rule is pure genius... something I had never used before. I was impressed with the strategies and sources revealed in it that will pay for the training over and over again. I am currently working on implementing these new sources in my existing strategies.

Andy Mackow

Steve has done it again!
There is only one word to describe Steve’s products and that is, Unique.

There are probably as many courses and tutorials about Internet traffic as there are streets in London, and I have watched a good proportion of them, but I have never come across anything like this one.

He has obviously walked the walk and actually used the methods that he describes so eloquently.

Now he talks the talk, and what a talk it is! This course will take you to places I can almost guarantee you have never been before.

It describes in detail every step you need to take to get those high volumes of traffic that you need at an affordable cost. But he doesn’t stop there. He not only tells you what you should do but also how and why you should do it.
The course is packed with information you won’t find anywhere else, together with tips, tricks and insights gathered from his many years of experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran Marketer or just starting out, you can learn enough about traffic in an hour and a half to get those sales rolling in faster than you thought possible.

Tony Fairminer

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